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How to Compare Web Hosts

In order to be able to compare one web host with another, refer to these important web host features and criteria:

1)   Web Hosting Packages – Most web hosts will sell their services to you in what they call packages or plans.  The packages will vary by features, limits, tools, costs, etc.

2)   Stability – Does the web host have a good reputation for providing stability and uptime for the web sites they host? Do they offer an uptime guarantee?

3)   Bandwidth – This is the amount of data that is transferred from to and from your site measured over a given period of time, typically monthly.  Some web hosts will place a limit on bandwidth on some plans, others may offer unlimited bandwidth.

Note: This doesn’t end up impacting many new web site owners as it typically takes time to build enough traffic before you’d start bumping into bandwidth limits as long as they are reasonable.  Of course if your site offers services such as video or other rich media streaming or downloads, you will probably want unlimited bandwidth.

4) Disk space – The amount of hard drive storage allocated to your site(s) for the given web host package.

5) Tools – What tools does the web host provide to you in the building, maintaining and securing of your web site?

6) Email – What email capabilities do they provide for your domain? For example, if the domain name of the site you are building is www.yourdomain.com, you want your web host to provide you with the ability to create email addresses such as yourname@yourdomain.com. Some host packages will limit the number of emails you can create or may provide different options on how you can access those email accounts.

7) Customer Support  – What are the various options for reaching the web host’s customer and technical support? Phone, web chat, email, help ticket system, etc. and what is their support reputation?

Now that you understand how to compare web hosts, check out Web Host Reviews.

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