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How to Set Up Your Own Blogging Web Site

(Updated July 2013)

I’m in the process and writing several “how to” articles on practical steps to set up your own blog on a domain name you select and register. In other words, I’m not talking about setting up a blog on blogger.com, HubPages.com, etc. Along the way, I’ll share some great (and some not so great ;)) providers that you need to accomplish this.

For example, WordPress is the free software that powers approximately 20% of the world’s websites.  If you’re looking for top-notch WordPress hosting, you should definitely check out WPEngine.com !

WordPress themes or templates are what allow you to change the look and feel of your WordPress blog or web site. Although you can get free themes, some of those themes have been found to have security risks or even hidden unethical links back to web sites (unknown to the users) which have caused lost search engine rankings for some.

I’ve tried out more themes than I’d care to admit, and have learned the hard way after having a couple sites hacked due to insecure free themes.  So, if you want beautiful, functional, fast, secure and flexible themes, I highly recommend StudioPress Themes for WordPress

Why Build Your Own Blog Site Rather Than Use a Free Blog Service?
Certainly you can set up a free blog on a site that offers that service, and it sounds great doesn’t it? It’s simple, but ultimately you don’t OWN the URL, and it could change or be discontinued at any time. Talk to anyone who has been through having their free blogging service shut down or changed, and you’ll understand why you may want to establish a blog you truly own.