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VOIP Features

It’s not surprising that Voice Over IP (VOIP) continues to grow in popularity, especially now that the recent Voice Over IP features make traditional phones feel outdated. Remember the old clunky car phones? And then those bulky first cell phones? VOIP phones are now making traditional phones and conventional mobile phones look outdated because the new VOIP features outshine even the latest and greatest mobile phones. Find out why the latest features are propelling the switch from conventional phone systems to VOIP.

1. VOIP Unifies Internet, Voice, Data and Video

One of the most powerful capabilities of VOIP is this: it can integrate voice, data and video into one system. That means you don’t need a separate providers, but actually can get everything you need from one vendor, in one line. You won’t need separate physical media for each, but rather can combine them all together.

The technical term for this is SIP trunking, which is the facilitation of using VOIP to connect a PBX to the Internet. SIP trunking has increased by 23 percent between 2012 and 2013, and it looks to be on the rise.

Most of us users don’t care about the technical details. What really matters is that this SIP trunking means we get to experience:

  • Lower costs as you eliminate the need for separate vendors
  • Increased performance of multimedia
  • One vendor instead of multiple vendors

2. Competitive Mobile Voice Over IP Phones that Rival All Other Cell Phones

It used to be that VOIP mobile phones were behind the times, but the 2014 VOIP mobile phones have competitive features, styling and capabilities.

3. PINless International Calling

For those who still prefer a land line or conventional mobile phone, PINless calling allows operators to offer the convenience of calling from a landline or cell phone at VOIP rates.

VOIP Features and Reviews

I’ve tested out VOIP systems to figure out which ones are offering the best features while still being reliable and cost effective. Click here to read my VOIP Reviews or check out any of the VOIP systems mentioned on my site. I only refer people to products I truly believe in, so you can rest assured that these systems are solid.

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