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Questions to Ask a VOIP Provider Before Signing Up

Questions to Ask a VOIP Provider Before Signing Up

voip phone service

voip phone service

If you’re thinking about switching to Voiceover IP for your phone service, you will want to vet the provider before you sign up and terminate your land line or cell phone service. (If you aren’t sure how VOIP works, please read this short VOIP summary.)

In general most VOIP programs work just like regular landlines work. However, some VOIP programs offer extra perks and features, and some still have limitations. By asking these questions, you can choose a VOIP provider who provides as many (if not more) features than your land line or even mobile provider.

The following are good questions to research before you sign up with a provider:

How many countries can I call for free? (Many people switch to VOIP because they want to make free long distance and international calls. Most VOIP programs will let you call 60+ countries. Make sure you can reach the countries most important to you.)

Will I have cordless, wireless and mobile options with this VOIP plan? What do these options cost, and are they effective where I live? Will I need to have any sort of cloud computing access to make wireless or mobile options effective?

(Not all people switch to VOIP for mobile phone options. Many switch to VOIP just for landline savings and free long distance and international calls. However, you may decide to investigate mobile options as well.)

Will I be able to plug in my VOIP phone receiver anywhere I go and get calls? (As long as you have internet service, you should be able to plug in your new VOIP phone receiver and get calls. This is great for people who travel a lot.)

Will I be set up for conference calling? (Most VOIP providers offer this service, but make sure it’s part of the package.)

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To learn more about VOIP, consider reading “Switching to VOIP” by Ted Wallingford or “VOIP for Dummies” by Timothy V. Kelly. Both books (which can be found on Amazon) explain how VOIP works in depth and give excellent explanation behind why so many people are using VOIP. They also describe how easy it is to switch to VOIP.