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(updated July, 2013)

Hey, so if you know anything about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you know that backlinks to your site are super important.  When you first get started with a new site, it can be intimidating and a bit of a catch-22.  People want to naturally link to content they find interesting and good, but how do get it in front of people when you first start?  Here’s a resource which can help with some free backlinks to whatever URL you are trying to boost in the search rankings by clicking on this link: How to Get 25 Free Backlinks per Day

Regarding SEO though,  it’s not a long-term strategy to think you can trick or outgame the search engines. Please don’t turn out junk content and then just try to rank it high by doing all kinds of crazy backlinking and SEO gimmicks – that’s just going to clutter the web with more junk. So focus first on producing quality content.

search engine optimization SEOYour content needs to be good, but you also need to learn how to get found on the web.

If you want to increase your chances of  showing up more prevalently in search engine results, you have to learn some fundamentals about SEO. Unfortunately, the rules of the game change often, so you need to stay on top of these changes. If you don’t like to read up on SEO or find it overwhelming, use a plug in like Scribe from Copyblogger that is automatically updated with new SEO rules as changes as made. (Scribe is not the only SEO tool out there, but it’s a solidly good one. I use it from time to time to check to make sure I’m on top of SEO changes, and you can take Scribe on a Risk-Free Test Drive.)

Some bloggers hire SEO gurus to help them rank on search engine pages, but most of us can’t afford to hire someone. Don’t worry; you can rank if you choose a few keyword phrases to focus on, devote time to writing about those topics and learn to be patient. To help you out, I’ve scoured a TON of content on SEO, and recommend you click here to grab your free SEO report from Copyblogger.

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