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VOIP – What Is VOIP?

You may be wondering what’s the buzz about VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), but the simple truth is it’s a viable alternative to a traditional phone landline.

What is Voice Over IP?

Voice Over IP allows you to use your broadband internet connection for phone calls instead of a traditional phone line. In essence, you make calls using the technology your computer uses instead of a phone line.

How Does VOIP work?

VOIP works by converting your voice into a digital signal that can be transmitted through the phone receiver to a phone adapter, then to the internet through your cable modem and personal computer, where it then travels to other cell phones and landlines just like a normal telephone call does.

Will This Tie me to my Computer?

You can speak through a customized VOIP phone receiver, a microphone on your personal computer, or a traditional phone that has been hooked up to your personal computer through a phone adaptor. You can even use a cordless phone system, affording you the same freedom and range of motion as a traditional landline.

Will I Sound Normal?

Most VOIP systems deliver the same voice quality as a traditional landline. However, some are limited in range and quality of voice.

What are the Advantages to Using Voice Over Internet Protocol?

One of the biggest advantages to switching to VOIP is that with the right VOIP system, you can save a lot of money on your phone bill since VOIP is cheaper than most landline or cell phone plans. Most VOIP plans don’t charge any extra for long-distance domestic calls and some include the ability to call anywhere in the world, including mobile and international numbers. You will also have access to your phone history at all times, including a record of calls made and received.

Are all VOIP Systems Equal?

No. Some VOIP systems are still quite limited. It’s important to research the different VOIP options to find the plan that will best meet your requirements. For a review of an reliable and affordable US based VOIP provider, click on VOIPO Review.

Business VOIP Reviews

VOIP (voice over internet protocol) technology is now a proven and reliable technology. The conversion of voice signals to digital data has been enhanced and perfected to the point where no one can tell the difference between a convention phone connection and a VOIP phone call – except when you look at how much it costs. VOIP is still significantly cheaper, and the new business VOIP systems offer everything conventional phone systems offer businesses. The time to change over is now, before the VOIP market warms up and starts charging comparable rates as conventional and cell phone companies.

The following are the top two VOIP options that I consider reliable and cost effective. They each offer average savings of 75% off traditional phone services, and both have options for residential VOIP or business VOIP. In my opinion, these two stand out from the rest.

RingCentral VOIP – Ranked #1 on Business VOIP Review 9.73/10 rating

RingCentral is the industry-leading provider of hosted phone and fax services for small businesses and entrepreneurs, allowing businesses worldwide to increase their sales by projecting a more professional image and attracting new customers.

RingCentral VOIP Pros:

  • Great automated call distribution system allows you to divide and control call volume and direction between employees
  • Can control settings from smart phones
  • Excellent Find Me/Follow Me setting allows you to decide which phone should ring dependent on where you are and which device you want to connect through
  • Very scalable – from residential to large business capabilities

RingCentral VOIP Cons:

  • Conference call options are somewhat limited
  • Reports only contain raw data – reports aren’t as pretty as they could be but contain valuable data

RingCentral Office – Your complete all-inclusive phone system. Try RingCentral free for 30 days.

Ring Central VOIP Features

Toll-Free Numbers, Local Numbers, Directory Listings

VoIP service

Caller ID Control


Collaboration: HD Video Meetings, Web Conferencing, Audio Conferencing

Business SMS: Unlimited Texts, Mobile devices, Texting features

Phones & Devices: Desk Phones, Conference Phones, Analog Adapters

Voicemail & Greetings: Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, Visual Voicemail, Greetings

Integrations: Box Integration, RingCentral Internet Fax Microsoft® Outlook® Integration, Salesforce Integration

Call Management: Answering Rules, Call Forwarding, Call Screening, Automatic Call Recording, Call Park, Intercom, Paging, Call Flip, Call Logs, Virtual Calling Card, Presence, Message Alerts, Missed-Call Notification, Shared Lines – New

Cloud PBX: Music on Hold, Auto-Receptionist, Extensions, Dial-by-Name Directory, Unified Messaging

Internet Fax

Web Phone: RingOut, RingMe

Mobile Apps: RingCentral App for iPhone, RingCentral App for Android, RingCentral for Blackberry


 VOIP Reviews

Check out  my favorite VOIP option to see how it suits your situation best. It save you a lot of money (usually around 75 percent), especially if you have to make international calls or are looking for business communication solutions. Please feel free to leave comments regarding your experience with VOIP – we welcome your user reviews!



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